This page demonstrates pieces that I have composed collaboratively, and individually. I predominantly use programs such as Logic and ProTools to compose, but am not a stranger to writing by ear. Composition has immensely aided my growth in creative and innovative thinking.


Lolo Visits Planet Earth:

This chiptune piece follows the adventures of an alien named Lolo. Restricted to the use of 8 bit instruments and 4 voice parts at any one time, this composition tested my creativity through restrictions.


Alma – Music for Moving Image:
This piece was composed for a short film entitled Alma, by Rodrigo Blaas. Composed entirely using MIDI and sound effects, this project has taught me the hardships of film composition.


The Maw:

Co-written and recorded with Daniel Kassulke, this composition explores the nightmare of assignments and procrastination. All sounds were produced and recorded live, and manipulated by the use of a delay pedal.


White Striped Bass:

Composed for Digital Music Composition at QCGU. This composition explores the endless possibilities when heavy restrictions are applied to a piece, as it utilises bass and drum parts only.